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Samaritan PAD / AED Defibrillator $1,295

Product id # SAM 300p-1

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See and Listen to the Samaritan PAD AED Demo Here

Included with your order:

  • 1 New Heartsine Samaritan PAD AED defibrillator including a 5 year warranty
  • 1 set adult pads with built in battery ("pad pak")
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • FREE Overview and Demonstration Video online link
  • FREE Ground Shipping
  • FREE aed inspection / maitenance sheet

  • See and Listen to the Samaritan PAD AED Demo Here

    NEW - Samaritan® PAD (Public Access Defibrillator) -(Compact, Basic Responder AED) When an emergency occurs you need to act quickly to help save a life – The equipment you carry has to be light, durable, reliable, and have the power to save a life no matter whose, what or when. The samaritan® AED gives the first responder (EMS, Fire, Police and lay users) the tools to do just that. The samaritan® defibrillators are built on over 30 years of clinical research and bioengineering development by the pioneers of portable defibrillation.

    Pad-Pak means the pads and battery are built into one unit (see accessory link below for pictures) Why only one expiration date to monitor with the samaritan? This is an industry standard that is unique to only them. With other aeds, you have to check both the pads and battery expirations, which are always different. With the Samaritan, there is only one expiration date to be concerned about. The new innovative battery and electrode system cuts maintenance in half and helps ensure an optimal state of readiness. Just one expiration date and one product to track and replace!

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